W4: Analog Life, Digital Image: Recontextualizing Social and Material Lives of Ancient Near Eastern Communities

Organizers: Adam G. Anderson (Harvard University), Shai Gordin (Hebrew
University), Rune Rattenborg (Durham University), and Giulia Torri (Firenze

Increased access to online textual and visual digital collections have enabled scholars to explore cuneiform corpora using tools and methods not available a mere few decades ago. Drawing on one of the largest bodies of historical documentation known, the application of digital tools to studies of the material and intangible aspects of social life of the ancient Near East holds the potential to radically transform the way in which we approach and think of topics such as demography, quantity, social relations and the flow of things and ideas.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together approaches to the cuneiform corpus integrating analyses of large, digitized datasets with philological, archaeological,
and social research. We invite studies intent on recontextualising the expansive body of cuneiform documentation within analytical frameworks such as spatial mapping, social network analysis and modeling, scale and quantification, artifact reconstruction and related perspectives. Contributions may focus on material as well as social, qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of any part of the cuneiform record. We further welcome approaches traversing disciplinary boundaries.

Adam Anderson aganders@fas.harvard.edu
Shai Gordin shygordin@gmail.com
Rune Rattenborg rune.rattenborg@durham.ac.uk
Giulia Torri giulia.torri@unifi.it