W3: International Relations Theory and Ancient Near Eastern History

Organizers: Selim F. Adalı (Social Sciences University of Ankara) and Lucas G. Freire (University of Exeter)

The aim of this workshop is to illustrate different approaches in understanding the ancient Near East political and military relations and concepts through theories of International Relations.

Ancient Near Eastern civilizations and cultures have yielded a great amount of evidence which have several implications in other fields of the humanities and the social sciences. This new initiative is a first step with the aim of increased dialogue among experts of the ancient Near East and these fields. The workshop also provides a platform for the exploration of interdisciplinary endeavours and questions.

The first step as part of this initiative has been to explore questions raised with International Relations theory. The province of International Relations tends to be the modern era, though there are also several studies about the ancient Near East. The participants seek to explore different theories of International Relations within the framework of ancient Near Eastern history.

Contact: selim.adali@asbu.edu.tr