Arriving in Geneva

From Geneva International Airport to the University

  • by Bus: free; no. 5 to Place de Neuve (c. 30 mins). Note that the machine distributing  free bus+tram tickets is located in the baggage claim area of the airport; tickets must be obtained before leaving this area.
  • by Train: c. 3.50 CHF; all trains from the airport go through Geneva main train station (8 mins), then see below.
  • by Taxi: 25-35 CHF (c. 15 mins).

From Geneva Main Train Station to the University

  • by Bus: c. 2.50 CHF; no. 3 or 5 to Place de Neuve (10-15 mins).
  • by Tramway: c. 2.50 CHF; no. 18 or 15 to Plainpalais (10-15 mins).
  • by Taxi: c. 15 CHF (c. 10 mins).
  • by Foot: c. 20 mins.

Note that Place de Neuve is the bus/tram stop for the Faculty of Letters, the Old Town and other attractions. The venue for the RAI, Uni Mail, has its own stop on tram line 15 and is a short walk from the Pont d’Arve stop on tram line 18.

Information on Geneva Transport:

Arriving in Bern

Because Bern has a small airport, most international flights to Switzerland arrive either in Zurich, Geneva or Basel. From Zurich and Geneva airports, trains depart every half hour direct to Bern, the ride from Zurich airport taking 1 hr 20 mins and that from Geneva airport 2 hrs. If arriving at Basel airport, take bus no. 50 to SBB train station, from where trains depart every half hour direct to Bern; total journey time is 1 hr 20 mins.

From Bern-Belp Airport to the University

  • by Bus & Train: c. 14 CHF (40 mins, runs hourly).
  • by Shuttle-Bus: c. 38 CHF (20 mins).
  • by Taxi: c. 50 CHF (20 mins).

From Bern Main Train Station to the University

  • by Foot: in the train station, follow the signpost to “Universität,” i.e. opposite direction from “City.” At the end of the corridor, take the elevator up to the top floor, turn to your right and you will be facing the main building of Bern University.

Information on Transport by Train in Switzerland:

Information on Bern Transport: